How to judge the transparent plastic packaging?

Transparent plastic packaging is cheap and convenient clear bags with poly material, which can be printed logo and used in clothing items, face masks, etc. All the products are packed in a transparent, odorless bag just the right size, but the quality is unclear.

An investigation shows, at present, the world’s food packaging safety and health qualified rate only reached more than 60%, the main reason is the improper selection of raw materials. When you buy plastic bags, be sure to look carefully and don’t misuse recycled plastic bags. So today, I will explain how to judge whether the transparent plastic packaging bag is qualified.

Transparent plastic packaging 1

According to the data, many of the plastic bags on the market are generally made of two types of plastic film:

One is made of non-toxic and safe raw materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene that meet national standards. Such plastic bags can be used to hold food.

The other is the recycling of waste plastics, recycled plastics, and other toxic and unsafe materials. They will be decomposed with temperature changes and other reasons to produce toxic and harmful substances.

Transparent plastic packaging 2

In general, we can make a simple distinction from the following aspects:


Safe and healthy transparent plastic packaging bags have the natural color and good transparency.


The quality of safe and healthy plastic bags is even and not easy to be damaged. The surface of recycled plastic bags is unevenly stretched and contains fine particles and impurities, which are generally easy to be damaged.


Safe and hygienic plastic packaging bags are generally tasteless; waste recycled plastic bags generally have irritating odors or abnormal aromas.


According to the national standard, transparent plastic packaging materials can be marked with “recyclable and renewable”, and the coding of different plastic marks can be marked on the center of the graph, so as to facilitate recycling and reuse after waste.

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