Hang tags for shoes

Hang tags for shoes are common shoe tags that can be paper, metal, leather, or plastic, which can have various sizes, types, colors to promote your brand image. Hang tags for shoes has many printing processes to choose from. The tag materials used on the shoes are varied, and each customer can customize it according to his own brand positioning.

You can choose high-quality coated paper, and its characteristic is waterproof. A plastic environmentally friendly PP material is also good, which is odorless and not easy to break at low temperatures. We can perform laser or hot stamping on it with the company name, QR code, logo or serial number, etc. It can create a brand image and effect to finally enhance a sense of quality. We can print two-dimensional code content, which can be read by mobile phone or scanning gun, and the content can be digital/URL/web page, etc.



This is a printing decoration process. Metal plates are heated, foils are applied, and gold or silver words and patterns are embossed on printed matter. A variety of colors are available to enhance the overall visual effect of the tag.


The embossed images and patterns have a clear sense of sculpture, which increases the 3D sense and artistic appeal of the printed matter.


This is a combination of printing and indentation to make the hang tags for shoes look more textured. You can make your logo debossed or raised to achieve a 3D effect.


In many cases, a round metal hole will be added to the top of the hang tags. Generally, the hole is 5mm in length, which is convenient for rope wearing. It also has a decorative effect. There are diverse colors, such as bronze black, silver, gold, etc.


Usually, we coat the hang tags for shoes with an extra layer of film. It divides into the matte coating and glossy coating. It refers to the transparent plastic film through the hot-pressed laminate to the surface of the printed matter. This can be achieved to protect and add luster.


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