Polyester buttons for clothing

Polyester buttons are plastic eco-friendly clothing buttons with cheap prices, which can be printed with a logo and include many sizes, shapes, and colors. They are suitable for garments, bags, decorative buttons, Child clothes, etc. So a wide range of polyester buttons’ options is ready for you. Such as their features, sewing way, or button types.

Polyester is a synthetic material. It has the unique color and ductility of natural materials. This man-made material is ideal for many button types. Hence, we can provide many specific materials for customers. All the materials for the buttons can be natural or synthetic. Of course, you can save and order them every day at the best price.

polyester buttons 1

The decorative value of polyester buttons has reached an unexpected height today. And they play practical functions, such as fastening clothing. Polyester buttons call plastic buttons too. They have a wide range of uses. Businesses can produce different types according to the form of materials. When polyester is rod-shaped, the button can be rod-shaped. In general, the most common shape of the polyester buttons is round. So they look more small and lovely. For flat buttons, the process is in the form of sheet pretreatment.

polyester buttons 2

Transparent or translucent button styles are popular with coloring and staining. Besides, we can add different raw materials to the button for your needs. In this way, customers can get a pearl-like luster. So, I am sure you will like the snow-white, shiny or metallic appearance. Then, we will well control every products’ features during the process. Product density, the width of holes, and the holes’ spacing are included.

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They are suitable for any type of clothes and fabrics. Besides, you can customize production size or color. So, from exquisite clothing styles to rough handmade muslin. We can tailor the type of buttons that suit you.

As we all know, they can enhance your fashion sense. And they can wash and dry-clean. Also, it can meet all your sewing or craft needs. So, polyester buttons are suitable for fashion design, handicrafts, home sewing, or decoration.

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  • Appearance: Modern, hard, bright, attractive Look, finely finished;
  • Shape: Round, rod-shaped, square, diamond, leaf shape, customized, etc;
  • Material: Polyester, plastic;
  • MOQ: 100pcs.

We manufacture and wholesale all kinds of polyester buttons. They are available in diverse colors, sizes, and shapes. Besides, you can put your logo on it to promote your brand. The buttons’ design uses friendly materials and relies on modern techs. All the custom polyester buttons can meet your requests. Please rest assured to buy and customize. Look forward to working with you.


  1. Hi am looking for quotation regarding woven 欧洲杯小组赛预测 and polyester buttons

    1. Hi, dear Thulani Tukwayo
      Thanks a lot for your sincere contact. Yes, we can make custom woven 欧洲杯小组赛预测 and polyester buttons as your requests.
      My Colleague Lily([email protected]) will reply to your email later about your inquiry.
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  2. what about metal button for shirt or jeans etc? do you have product or sample that i can see

    1. Hi, dear meg
      Thanks a lot for your sincere contact. So happy to cooperate with you. Yes, we can make custom metal buttons for shirts or jeans.
      My Colleague Lily([email protected]) will soon contact you and reply to your email about your inquiry.
      If you haven’t received the email with her response, please kindly check your spam folder.
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