Cotton muslin bags for fashion brands

Cotton muslin bags are made of 100% cotton fabric for fashion brands, which can add logo and use for shopping, packaging clothing, or daily necessities. They are becoming a necessity for anyone who enjoys life. Since they are easy to carry, versatile to use. And you can even customize it to fit your personal style. Meanwhile, you can print your brand name or logo on them.


Virgin cotton made the recyclable cotton muslin bags. We use non-toxic chemicals in weaving. These eco-friendly bags have no unpleasant smell. They can meet the needs of people who are concerned about whether the bags are harmful to the human body. Even fruits and veggies can be stored in order to keep them fresh. As their small holes allow air to pass around and prevent bacteria from growing. After the first use, there may be a little shrinkage. This is because of the attributes of natural cotton.

The original cotton muslin bags are beige. If you don’t like the color, cotton muslin bags are easier to dye, stamp, or print with the right equipment. When the bags wear out, you can dispose of them without any guilt as they are biodegradable. In addition, these bags are recyclable. Therefore, they can be used for a long time and save cost. Just chuck it into the washer, then you are going to get a totally new one. These bags allow for good air circulation. So they are ideal for pantry storage.


  • The material of the muslin bag is all cotton, which is natural.
  • For cotton bags, the biggest cost is the fabric. The materials are consist of polyester cotton and pure cotton. These two fabrics are also divided into good and bad. Therefore, when customizing, you must look at the actual sample. Because you need to determine the material quality of the bulk product.
  • The cotton bag is washable. There will be a little deformation after washing because pure cotton will shrink. This is much stronger than non-woven fabrics.

Our ethical cotton muslin bags are completely customizable in size, shape, color, and others. Accessories such as ribbons, 欧洲杯小组赛预测, laces, beads, stickers, or embroidery are ideal to decorate them. These chic bags certainly delight receivers, whether you are using them for personal or business use.


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