Clothing stickers for fashion brands

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Clothing stickers are a type of paper or plastic, and we offer custom clothing stickers with logos for fashion brands to display size and fabric information. These custom brand stickers can add your company’s logo. And, it can enhance the brand image. Of course, we can remove it from clothing without leaving behind any residue.

Clothing stickers can be adhesive and sticky on one side. Besides, it will have a design on the other side. Further, we can put it on the backside of hang tags. They are available in various styles, sizes, and colors. Meanwhile, it is suitable for printing on the clothes with size details. So, it can promote your brand image. Sticker materials include ordinary transparent PVC stickers and coated paper stickers. Thus, it is ideal for surface matte coating or glossy coating, satin sticker. Silver mirror sticker, gold or laser mirror sticker are in their scope, too.

Clothing stickers are perfect for decoration and ID for brand image. But, brand stickers may be an attached label to the custom products. Then, they can be used to describe the attributes of the products. Here customers can customize stickers to convey their design needs to our designers. In this way, their brand logo stickers can have good use.

We can print detailed information on the back of the tag. Besides, it includes price, barcode, and size. We all know that the logos sewn on clothes cannot be removed at will. But stickers can be affixed on the back collar and hangtag of the clothes. It is really affordable and a great way to increase brand awareness. Therefore, in order to increase brand awareness, our customers are willing to use logo clothing stickers. So, it aims to help promote its brands and websites.


image of clothing stickers
image of clothing stickers


  1. Any size and any color are available.
  2. Easy to apply and easy to remove without damaging your products.
  3. Excellent quality and reasonable price
  4. MOQ: unlimited.


  • Reference sample from clothing stickers’ photo gallery or other places.
  • The quantity: NO MOQ
  • You can design your logo or get our help.


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